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This Archive is the intended resting place of the accumulated research materials from various contributors interested in the history and distribution, as well as the genealogy and personal family histories, of the people known as Blaker.
We are uncommon in that this effort is not limited to one or two people, but rather is a collaborative effort amongst all of us who share this interest.

The Archives will be assembled in an orderly fashion, with specifically indexed areas covering subjects such as Surname Research, Geographical Distribution, Occupations and Military Service.
Further subjects will be added on an ad hoc basis, as and when more material and data becomes available.

If you have any information on BLAKER families you wish to see added or you would like to support us in any way, please get in touch.

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We do present some primary sources such as birth, marriage and death certificates but we are not a primary source for most of the data contained. We encourage users to check the original records themselves and let us know if better information comes to light..

Blaker Surnames


The origin and maintenance of the name Blaker appears very much to be Sussex where all sources show a steady increase in so named people over the centuries; the earliest incidence of the name in Sussex was in 1276 whence it has increased steadily. The two other points of origin for Blaker in England appear to be Wilthsire (with several generations of a single family), and Yorkshire where the name precedes The Conquest.

Origin of the Surname The word Blaker almost surely originates in the words blaec and blac which are to be found in Old English, Old Norse, Old German, Old Scandinavian; in other words, in all the linguistic variants of the Germanic language as used 1000 to perhaps 1500 years ago. Dependent on the length of the vowel when pronounced, the word can mean dark or black (blac), or alternatively, (blaec), white or pale. One would thus assume that the name Blake represents the idea of a person who is fair of complexion, or light of skin, or of light coloured hair; while the word or name Blaker would presumably mean the person or thing which makes something else light or pale. It is from this reasoning that it has been concluded by some people that the word Blaker means “bleacher.” There is a single problem with this theory: that despite extensive research into early and mid-medieval instances of the name, we have yet to find a single instance of a Blaker who was also a bleacher."

Heraldry Overview

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There is no such thing as a Coat of Arms for a Surname, Coats of Arms belong to individuals and not a Family Name.

Many people of the same Surname will be entitled to completely different Coats of Arms, and more of that Surname will be entitled to no Coat of Arms.

For any person to have a right to a Coat of Arms they must either have had it granted to them or be descended in the legitimate male line from a person to whom Arms were granted or confirmed in the past.
Simply adopting someone else's Arms or Blazon is guaranteed to impress people for the wrong reasons. More information can be found here..


Blaker Heraldic Symbols

Here are the Coats of Arms that have been associated with members of the Blaker Family...

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